5 Best Books to Learn PHP Programming

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PHP, which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, is a powerful learn">programming language that can be used to solve just about any task. Most web users encounter PHP through the websites they use which rely on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other Content Management Systems. You can build a wide range of web applications, desktop software, and other tools using this diverse programming language. The best way to learn how to write PHP is to get a highly-acclaimed book that can walk you through all the steps in a simple, logical order. Check out these top five books for learning PHP to get started on your programming career or add a skill to your repertoire today. 

1. PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice 

PHP Objects, Patterns, and PracticePHP Objects, Patterns, and PracticePHP Objects, Patterns, and PracticeThis 5th edition masterpiece on the objects, patterns, and other enhancements available with PHP programming is perfect for anyone with a basic understanding of the language. This book is highly-acclaimed for its break-downs on PHP tools, practices, and in-depth explanation of PHP's object-oriented features. You'll find access to useful patterns, tools, and methods in this book that you'll learn to implement in your own projects to save time and code more efficiently. 

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2. PHP & MySQL in easy steps: Covers MySQL 8.0 2nd Edition 

PHP & MySQL in easy steps: Covers MySQL 8.0 2nd EditionThis popular book on PHP and MySQL will help you understand and implement advanced operations in programming for databases. Subjects covered in this book include creating data-driven web apps and websites, server-side operations and coding, and interacting with databases using server-side scripting. This book is aimed at beginners who have never coded in any language and makes learning PHP easier than ever. 

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3. PHP: Learn PHP In 2 Hours And Start Programming Today 

PHP: Learn PHP In 2 Hours And Start Programming TodayIf you've ever asked your programming friends "How long to learn PHP?", then you're in luck. This book has a straight-forward answer that even the most impatient among us will love to hear: two hours. You can learn the basics of PHP and even begin writing your own code in a couple of lunch breaks with this concise and practical guide to the programming language. 

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4. Modern PHP: New Features and Good Practices 

Modern PHP: New Features and Good PracticesO'Reilly's programming books have an excellent reputation for being thorough and effective in helping new coders learn various languages. This wonderful guide to learning modern PHP is no exception to the rule. You can start out your programming career the right way by using the up-to-date techniques and practices found in this book. You'll learn the right way to do things when creating your first PHP projects and even be able to sharpen any existing PHP skills you've acquired with this professional resource. 

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5. PHP and MySQL Web Development (4th Edition) 

PHP and MySQL Web Development (4th Edition)PHP is known for its use in web application and server-side scripting, and can be impressively powerful when coupled with SQL. This book covers the essentials and a few advanced areas in programming with PHP and SQL. You'll learn how to use arrays, object-oriented PHP, create databases, how to administer advanced SQL databases, and more through this indispensable programming resource. 

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Learning PHP as a beginner, or honing your PHP skills if you're already a programmer, is one of the fastest ways to increase your utility and income in the world of coding. These top PHP books can help you become a self-taught master of the programming language and build your own exciting projects for the web.

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