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Javascript is a code written into an HTML page, it's known as the client-side scripting language. It's used in every computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. It's the only language that's recognized in the browser itself. When a user places the website into the address bar, javascript will code it to an HTML and in return sent it to the browser and then the browser will figure out what to do with it.
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The first step of being a java developer is to make sure that you learn as many technologies and programming languages as you can. When you are working on a web development project, it will require you to have a lot of knowledge of more than just one programming language.
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Finding the best language to learn for jobs is something that you need to do as you are training to go into the programming field. However, you need to know what is best for you. You could get a job for business considerations that could come up in the future, or you could get a job for career options that you have not thought of before. Each step in this process changes the way that you approach your career. You can learn the program for beginners, choose the language to learn first, or use all these languages for web development.
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Learning PHP will depend on the focus and the time that you put into it. Different people learn it for different periods depending on how fast you can grasp the content and apply it. For fast learners, you can learn PHP in two weeks if you are coding every day. For learners that are a bit slow, you can learn PHP for a month. Learning PHP also depends if you have a background in programming or not. For individuals that already know a bit of programming you can learn PHP very fast, but if you are a beginner and completely knew to programming, it will take more time. PHP usually incorporates other aspects such as XML, HTML and SQL technologies.