Why You Should Learn Javascript in 2024?

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Javascript is a code written into an HTML page, it's known as the client-side scripting language. It's used in every computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. It's the only language that's recognized in the browser itself. When a user places the website into the address bar, javascript will code it to an HTML and in return sent it to the browser and then the browser will figure out what to do with it. Brendan Eich, who created javascript in 1995, while working at Netscape Communications. He graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Netscape partnered with Sun which allowed Sun to receive the browser and delivery system for fundamental technology.

Client and server-side language

The client-side environment usually runs scripts in a browser. The process works on the opposite user's computer. The source is then transferred from the webserver to the user's computer over the internet and runs directly to the browser. A side language runs the script on a computer after the webpage is downloaded. Both client-side and server-side can interact together, while front-end scripting is designed to intersect with simple games.

Books to Learn JavaScript

Building a website can be stressful and time-consuming especially if you're not sure how to do it or what it entails. Several books will make your life easier.

  • Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery by Jon Duckett

CSS stands for Cascade Style Sheets a two-book set related to technology, perfect for beginning web designers and front-end developers

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript for Dummies by Chris Minnick

After you've mastered JavaScript and the coding language, you'll have a better understanding of who to build websites and make them unique and effective. By using this book, you'll be able to build structure, add links and images, use CSS style, manage the content position, add page color, and eliminate bugs and errors.

  • Head First JavaScript Programming by Eric Freeman and Elisabeth Robson

This book was designed to teach you the JavaScript language. Along with browser functions and document object models; this book isn't just for reading. You'll play games, solve puzzles, and ruminate mysteries. It's also a great tool for making use of prototypes and writing code to build your own applications.

  • Teach Yourself JavaScript, CSS, HTML All in One by Julie C. Neloni and Jennifer Kyrnin

A book is written clearly for the instruction of teaching you Java, CSS, and HTML in a step by step guide. You'll learn to build a web page from scratch, add graphics, and be online instantly

  • Learning Web Design by Jennifer Robbins

If you don't have the experience then this book is for you. It's a book that will help you build HTML, text, links, images, tables, and forms. Style sheets and colors for background, page layout, and animation effects will be taught in this book.

Playing computer games is what most teenagers and some adults do to past time. JavaScript plays a major role in creating them. It's the best tool to use to form a game application. By simply picking the framework and using it for projects. If you notice the game is slow or not working properly, knowing how JavaScript works can make it easier for you. Just create your own solution by using JavaScript language. You can't go wrong with Java.

One of the best Framework for 2019 is called REACT. It's known for being efficient and flexible when working with other frameworks. REACT has the backward capability that will allow the operating system to transfer old versions into new ones by using CodeMods. Also able to use both client-side and server-side without difficulty.

REACT has unidirectional data flow which will allow the programmer to make changes with the element structure for the children without disturbing the structure for the parents. Another framework is known as Vue.js. It's lightweight with high speed and accuracy. It has a small but fast ecosystem that allows you to use both the library and a full framework. Libraries to use with it are WordPress, Django, and Laravel.

JavaScript is a big community in 2019. The average programmer can earn as much as $165,000. Of course, you'll need a degree and experience to land a job like this. It's fair to say that JavaScript programmers are becoming a necessity since businesses are booming and they need website developers.

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