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Job Description

The Oracle DBA reports to the Chief Technical Officer or IT manager or any other related senior technical management position.

Job Overview

The Oracle DBA will support new and existing SQL Server instances and databases which would include monitoring, maintenance, and optimization for the software application. He / she will create and maintain procedures and documentation. The Database Administrator will test, install and maintain Database Management System software.

Responsibilities and Duties

• Perform complex day-to-day administration of the database server to include installation, maintenance, and configuration of database system software.

• Design, develop and perform testing of database strategies.

• Monitor security of database systems by establishing user access controls and parameters and perform routine security and authentication measures.

• Perform database tuning and troubleshooting and provide user support to users accessing the database.

• Perform database backup and recovery, data extraction and other specialized data handling services.


• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or Information Systems Management.

• 3 years of equivalent work experience specializing in supporting Oracle and SQL environments.

• Demonstrate awareness of RDBMS concepts.

• Proficient in MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle DBMS, and good programming


• Demonstrate excellent documentation and verbal communication skills.

• Professional Certification will be an added advantage.


The average salary of $80,000 for entry level Database administrator and $150,000 for senior level database administrator.

DBA resume sample (junior level)

James Canan

Address: Corona, CA

Phone: 888-444-33333

Email: [email protected]

IT professional with over 3 years experience in database administration involving design, development, monitoring and improving database performance and capacity. Extensive technical skills and proper understanding of Oracle Database management system software and SQL Server environments. I can successfully implement database strategies. Experienced in MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. My areas of expertise include maintenance, security, and data recovery.


• Dedicated team performer

• Linux programming


System Administrator Nov-2017 to current

Multichoice|Boston, MA

• Maintained system by monitoring performance, performing troubleshooting and

• Created backup and recovery policies

• Set up and controlled user profile accounts

• Coordinated with project management staff on systems development timelines and project scope.

Information Security Analyst Jan-2016 to Oct-2017

Multilink |New Haven, CT

• Installed user software like data encryption software and firewalls for protecting sensitive data.

• Documented reports on security breaches and the resources affected by the breach

• Conducted penetration testing by simulating attacks in order to pinpoint vulnerabilities before a real attack.

• Recommended security enhancements to senior technical management.


Bachelor of science| Computer Science Feb-2015

MIT, Boston, MA.

• Graduated in top 10% of the class

• Majored in Systems and Network Administration


• Active member of ISACA


• Cisco Certified Network Expert

• Certified Information System Security Professional

DBA resume sample (Senior level)

Michael Keen

Oracle DBA

Address: Stanford, CA

Phone: 888-444-33333

Email: [email protected]

Seasoned Oracle Database Administrator with seven years of experience in designing, coding and testing database systems in Oracle and SQL server environment. Comfortable working with diverse Database management systems like Oracle and PostgreSQL and proficient in MongoDB. Confident working with application developers to develop database architectures and coding standards.


• Problem-solving skills

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Ability to multi-task

• Good interpersonal skill

• Comfortable working under pressure and adhere to strict timelines.


Junior Database Administrator Jul-2012 to Current

Access Corp|New York, NY

• Design and implement SQL queries for reporting and solutions development.

• Implemented system changes in databases to fulfill requests and address arising problem reports.

• Set system parameters for access control.

• Data Backup using cloud infrastructures like AWS and OpenStack.

• Managing database security and database procedures

• Installing, upgrading, configuring and fine-tuning SQL Server and Oracle RDBMS in Linux and Windows environment.

• Administering, supporting, and monitoring by proactively resolving database issues while maintaining servers.

IT Support Officer May-2010 to Jun-2012

HealthWise Insurance| Richmond, VA

• Provided user support for project managers and organization staff

• Successfully resolved issues regarding IT infrastructure in the organization, this included software, hardware, and network issues.

• Prepared comprehensive infrastructure analysis and reports for technical management.

• Set up accounts for new users.

• Tested, repaired and replaced equipment with new technology where necessary.

• Trained junior staff members

Web Developer Jan-2008 to Jan-2010

Pych Systems|Los Angeles, CA.

• Build user interface and prototypes from wireframes and designs.

• Build products using multiple languages and platforms like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

• Coded and deployed applications in a cross-platform, cross-browser environment.

• Updated websites to meet modern standards.

• Integrated SQL databases to websites.


Master of Science in Computer Information Systems Oct-2016

Boston University

Majoring in

• Database design

• Information structure

• Database application

• Database technologies for the web

• Information security

Bachelor of Science| Computers Science Sept-2007

Stanford University| Stanford, CA

Graduated top of the class

AFFILIATIONS: Member of Association of Computing Machinery




• CompTIA Project+

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