How to Improve and Measure Code Quality?

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There are numerous methods and analysis tools of implementing the code as there are java web developers to design it. This is perhaps one of the reasons software development is an interesting discipline. Apparently, there are uncountable opinions about what makes a top-notch software. Different java developers define good code quality differently, and so, it is very important to know what code quality is, how to measure it, and how to improve it.

What Is Code Quality?

Code quality is a set of disciplines that define bad and good standards (low- and high-quality code). Keep in mind how good or bad a code is, is subjective. Different individuals use varying definitions in a different context. High quality may mean one thing for a banking industry developer and may mean something else for an automotive developer.

Nevertheless, code quality is critical for the quality of software. Quality has a major effect on how secure, safer, and credible a codebase is. Code quality is especially crucial to professionals who develop safety-critical systems.

How to Measure Code Quality?

There is no universal consensus on the best way to measure code quality. You can use different metrics. Some of the analysis tools such as github that you can use include the following checklist:

  • Defect Density

This is arrived at by taking the number of defects and divide by the number of source lines of code the product has. Lower is highly preferable, but this metric does not take into account unrecorded defects.

  • Fan-in and Fan-out

Fan-in is defined as the number of modules found in a particular module call. On the other hand, fan-out can be described as the number of modules that call the unit.

  • Cyclomatic complexity

This is a formula that is used to measure the number of paths found in a block of code. It usually involves the upper bound of tests conducted to cover branch coverage. Suppose all the paths found in the code can be achieved, then it is still the upper bound on test cases required for path coverage.

  • Dynamic Analysis Findings/ Count of Open Static

There are a number of tools that are used to evaluate binary files, source, codes, and to execute software paths to identify any kind of errors automatically.

Alternatively, you can use qualitative methods. Also, you can ask a third party to have a look at it to give you their opinion. This can work if you have consistent rules and style guides on how your codes are supposed to be written. If you really want to know how maintainable or readable your code is, the best advice is to ask a neutral person.

How to Improve Code Quality?

How to Improve Code Quality?

Here are some of the ways you can improve your code quality:

  • Look for Web Developers to Review Your Code Work

Can you describe yourself as one of the best problem solvers in the world? Perhaps not. The best thing to do is to hire a web developer with higher education and skilled. Reviewing the code together will help you find underlying problems and also help you learn new things.

It can be hard to get help if you do not know any fellow developers whom you can lean on. Still, you can seek help from developers within your network.

  • Check Codes Developed by Other Experts

One of the best ways to improve your code production skills is to learn how other people manage their projects, especially if you are a beginner. Do not be quick to review any code yet. Instead, look for motivated programmers whom you can depend on.

  • Refactor Constantly 

When you start to write code, you learn so many things. By the time you are done with the first pass, you will feel like you would have done things differently. So, it is better than you refactor certain areas so that when you have enough time to circle back, you can work on them.

  • Consider writing units that have an impact on your model before you move to your interface.

When you write tests with python, php, or any other program, you can easily spot code design problems. If you cannot test what you have coded, then that is a sign. Testing can be overwhelming at times. So, the best way to start is to test your model code. In the future, you can choose to write a detailed interface suite. 

You want to be sure your core logic is perfect. keep in mind, becoming good at coding increases salary for php developer, as employers are always looking for experts with additional skills. Therefore, start to write tests.

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